An expert demonstration of delectable Japanese cuisine

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – FRESHLY made sushi and sashimi were some of the carefully prepared cuisine by two invited Japanese chefs at hostess Anyati Abdullah Orcullo’s residence in Tungku, Gadong last night.

Seto and Chihara were immersed in their own world as they focused arranging and putting together the ingredients into gastronomic masterpieces for about 30 invited guests.

Anyati, a self-taught fashion designer, cook and an entrepreneur, has been promoting Brunei Halal branding to her friends and acquaintances highlighting the economic viability of halal products for the countries which hope to attract more Muslim tourists. Anyati told The Brunei Times that Japan’s cultural village of Shirakawa-go has seen a decline of Muslim tourists because of the scarcity of halal restaurants there.

The Chief Executive Officer of Shokuiko Farm, Chitoshi Kaneko, brought in the chefs hoping to promote halal products in Japan and attract more Muslim tourists to the heritage village with Anyati’s assistance.

During his first visit in Brunei three months ago, Kaneko was very impressed with the food and culture in Brunei and decided to bring in two commissary chefs to learn and understand more about the halal concept and principles and how it could be leveraged in their booming food business back home.

One of the chefs is Seto, a soba chef for 18 years. He specialises in making a type of thin Japanese noodles made from buckwheat flour which comes in different flavours depending on the harvest seasons.

The other chef is Chihara with a more versatile approach to cooking and makes all sorts of Japanese cuisine. He is also the chef-manager of a restaurant in the land of the rising sun.

— Courtesy of The Brunei Times